The Replacements

Not that long ago, I was lamenting the fact that my pair of ancient Timberland boots that I have been wearing on adventures for more than a decade were nearing the end of their natural life span. I must have been soothsaying when I wrote that, because only a few weeks later, I am saddened to report that said pair of boots has finally made good on its long-standing threat to allow the leather near the zippers to rip completely off in my hand - on both sides no less.

While I was sad to say goodbye to my trusty Timberland boots that have seen me through many a trip and adventure (even sailing trips and horseback riding!), I quickly realized that I had an excuse to start looking for the replacements. An actual excuse, not a b.s. excuse like I usually use when I want to go shopping.

Enter stage left, this here pair of Frye Cara Roper Tall boots. Classic to the knee height, pull-on styling (no zippers!), flat soles, and a whole lot of awesome. I daresay this is a much nicer pair of boots than my Timberlands...I know I'm not supposed to speak ill of the dead, may they rest in peace, but hopefully I'll get at least another decade out of this pair before we have to have this conversation again.

Paired with a printed cardigan I found secondhand, *mumbled* denim leggings (cough..what was that? Nothing), and a reproduction Navajo squash blossom necklace that I found on sale at a secondhand jewelers. No, it's not a signed authentic piece, as much as I wish it were. I'd need to mortgage my soul in order to afford one of those, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

So that's that then. Here they are. Get used to seeing these puppies, because if everything goes well, you're going to be looking at them for at least a decade.


  1. Oh the deep joy of a new pair of boots.......

  2. Fabulous boots. Will still be stylish in ten years' time. And a well put-together ensemble.


  3. One of the very best outfits you have worn - ticks all the style, colour, function and accessory boxes

  4. How do you sculpt your eyebrows to look so perfect? Can you publish a tutorial?

    1. I'm happy that you feel like they are perfect…but trust me, they are far from that. I don't spend a lot of time on them, other than cleaning them up once in a while. I usually get them done by a pro once or twice a year, then kind of use the professional job as a "template" for where to pluck.

  5. You are always to healthy/beautiful looking!!! Awesome.


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