Not Really a Hat Person

I've always thought of myself as not really a hat person. I suppose now that we split our time between Scotland an Florida I find myself wearing hats more often to keep the sun out, but generally I always steered clear of them on account of my gianormous head. Seriously, my head is huge you guys. Plus I have a lot of hair, so if I do buy a hat, I have to take hairstyle into account as well because it will absolutely affect the fit of a hat. I always purchase my riding helmets a size up to make room for braids.

So I suppose I sort of surprised myself when I saw this hat online and was really drawn to it. This is the Charlie 1 Horse Highway hat. Charlie 1 Horse is an American western hat maker that also does these kind of in-between fashion styles. I really liked the way this hat mixed the design elements of a pinch-front western hat and a fedora. I got it in black because I felt it was the right pick for the season, but it comes in a lot of really nice colors, both neutral and jewel-tone, so there very well may be another of these in my future.

I think that what I've discovered I like best about this hat is that it's a really easy way to change/elevate a look drop of a hat.

I know. Sorry.

hat as above / fringe sleeve sweater (UK), fringe sleeve sweater (US) / MiH Marrakesh jeans (UK), MiH Marrakesh jeans (US) / sterling silver feather cuff bracelet (old), similar (UK), similar (US) / concho earrings (old), similar (UK)similar (US) / chrysocolla ring (old), similar 


  1. It IS hard to be a "hat person" when every hat you jam on cuts off circulation and leaves a red band of pain around your forehead ... always makes me feel like Mr. Wormwood from the Roald Dahl classic book "Matilda," after his hat has been glued onto his head.

    I like the shape of your new chapeau on you. Wear it in good health.

    At least, in Florida, you can put almost anything on your head to ward off the sun and no one thinks twice about how you look ... even a wet dishtowel is acceptable, on the beach.

  2. That's such a fun hat on you and it looks great with your boho jeans outfit! I am so not a hat person, I just don't think I can pull them off, but I do have a summer hat. It's a necessity for sun protection here, so sometimes you see it pop up on my blog as I can't spend the time outside in summer without it!

    Hope that your week is going well and you have a nice weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From Blue

  3. I love the whole look so much! Everything matches perfectly great - the hat, sweater, all accessories.



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